Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Great dog videos: Keanu @ Dogs Trust Shoreham & Fudge @ Dogs Trust Bridgend

Rhia, the Supporter Relations Officer at Dogs Trust Bridgend, took a camera out to follow around the lovely Fudge as he enjoyed playing in the snow.

Video is a great way of giving a chance to dogs who might not show their best side off in kennels, so the centres are gradually increasing the amount of video they take; it's hard to squeeze in the time, but worthwhile! I'll be working on some new footage from Merseyside today.

Over Christmas, one of our lovely supporters, Karen Wild, also harnessed the power of video to do a feature on Dogs Trust Shoreham's longest resident, Keanu. He's a nervous but affectionate soul who's been with us six years.

It might be January now, but we're showing Karen's video, from her Intellidogs site, once more in the hope that he'll finally find the home he's looking for.

Please contact the centre directly to ask about either of these dogs. (The numbers are on the links the centre names go to).

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Crazy Dog Blog said...

Bounce bounce bounce bounce!

Fudge is exceedingly cute. Hope he finds a home soon!