Thursday, 15 April 2010

"It's a Dog's Life" WriteBuzz Competition Winner Announced!

Well done to competition winner Kerrylee, who got our attention with this enthusiastic tribute to everything that's great about our four-legged friends! Kerry won a Dogs Trust goodie bag.

“It’s a Dog’s Life” by Kerrylee Adams

Look at those big soppy brown eyes, wet nose and little wagging tail

Such a lot of love in his heart, excitement, a bundle of playful joy.

He leaps and bounds, licks and smothers, he is definitely an affectionate creature!

He catches balls, and buries bones in your neatly kept back garden,

He digs up the flowers, chases the neighbour’s cat, causes all sorts of mayhem

But you would not change him for the world, you put up with his madness!

This is unconditional love, loyalty until the end,

When you are feeling blue or need a little love or fun, a dog is your very best friend!!!!

© Kerrylee Adams

With thanks to WriteBuzz for inviting us to take part!

1 comment:

netty said...

what a lovely poem - i had tears in my eyes reading it as i could imagine everything happening - well done x