Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Salisbury's Seb was SO ready for his closeup...

Supporter Relations Officer Leslie Gold Carley at Dogs Trust Salisbury (follow them on Twitter) recently discovered the power of a rehoming appeal by video. This is Seb's story in her words...

Just a few weeks ago we started using video here at Dogs Trust Salisbury to help publicise our dogs. The idea, of course, was to let people see them in a different light. We all know that people respond to still photos of dogs – after all, what’s cuter or more appealing? – but would harnessing the powers of video help some of our dogs find new homes?

The very first video we shot was of Seb, a young Collie who has struggled to find a home in part because of a medical condition. Seb is also very much a full-on Collie, with behaviours that are delightful to those familiar with the breed, but which the average first-time dog owner might not be prepared for. So we took video of Seb playing with his tennis ball and posted it, tweeted it, and Facebooked it. You can see the result below.

In the meantime, a very nice gentleman had come to the rehoming centre and spoken to the staff about Seb. He was interested, but wasn’t sure, so he went away to think about it. Then he went online and watched Seb’s video – and suddenly, he said, he saw Seb as a normal dog who happened to have a medical condition. He saw the dog he wanted to call his own. He came back to Dogs Trust and reserved Seb, and took him home this past weekend.

We always knew Seb was a star! We’re delighted we were able to use video to help Seb find his forever home, and we wish him and his new owner all the very best as they settle into their new life together.

Now…who should we film next?

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