Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dogs Trust Glasgow: What happens when the centre is closed?

If you've visited a Dogs Trust Centre before, or planned to, you'll notice that they're open six days a week (including weekends), but closed on one weekday each. Ever wondered what goes on at the Rehoming Centres on days they are closed to public?

Well, recently the staff and volunteers of Dogs Trust Glasgow under took a field makeover that Colin and Justin would be proud of.

The purpose of the makeover was to provide additional physical and mental challenges for the dogs staying at the centre whilst out for their daily exercise.

These activities include:
  • Sniffer Station - Plant pots buried in the hillside which will be filed with smelly treats for the dogs to find.
  • Search Pits - Filled with sand for the dogs to dig in and find hidden delights.
  • Multilevel Tables - That the dogs can climb on and under.
  • Labyrinth & Raised Walkways - To improve balance and mental concentration.
  • Training Trail - Signed walkway with a training activity at each for canine carers, volunteers and members of public visiting the centre to try with the dogs they are walking.
All the activities will be used inconjuction with reward based training methods, ensuring that walkies at Dogs Trust Glasgow will be a confidence boosting, snifftastic experience!

Many of the activities created used recycled materials wood and tyres and can be easily and cheapily replicated. Even hiding treats around your garden, under plantpots and so on can give your dog a great mental workout in addition to their daily walks.

Check out the photos of staff and volunteers hard at work, and of course two dogs enjoying everything that's being done for them!

Want to visit your nearest Centre but unsure of hours or directions? Search online now . You can also find information about volunteering on our website.

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Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to see this area last week. It's totally dogtastic!. A brilliant area to socialise, assess and for new owners to get to know their new pet. A fantastic addition to a brilliant Dogs Trust centre.