Friday, 1 April 2011

Response to The Sun - "Nuke Brit stays in Japan to look after his dog"

Did you read this piece in The Sun about a Martin Dean, a Brighton man living in Japan with his family, who has refused to leave his dog due to quarantine restrictions? We read it and decided to contact the Sun to let them know that we had some information that would be useful to Mr Dean or others in a similar predicament. If you're interested, you can read our letter here:


I’m writing from the charity Dogs Trust regarding your piece in today’s paper on the Brit in Japan who’s refusing to leave his dog due to quarantine restrictions [p 19].

I wanted to let you know about an animal rescue shelter called ARK that is based in Osaka, Japan, that is caring for dogs/cats/domestic pets caught up in the devastation. ARK is running a boarding programme for pets which allows owners to leave Japan safe in the knowledge that their pets are cared for.

The charity and is run by a British woman called Elizabeth Oliver. Today Elizabeth has issued the following guidelines which may be of interest to your readers:

  • The charity will take in pets at either ARK Tokyo or in the Osaka shelter and will look after any animals left behind or at risk from people having to leave Japan, at no cost. Pets can board at ARK for three months. If after three months there has been no contact from the owner, those pets will then become the property of ARK and will be rehomed to a loving new family.

  • Anyone wishing to leave their pets at ARK will need to visit the rescue shelter themselves details on or have the animals sent to the nearest airport which is Osaka Itami. Here, dedicated members of staff will meet them the animals and/or their owners - this is a huge task so they are short of transport staff but will do all they can.

  • All animals will be checked by vet upon arrival and ARK asks pet owners to prepare details including vaccinations, health issues, or daily habits.

  • ARK will board free of charge but would appreciate any donations.

Photo courtesy of the ARK website at


Anonymous said...

There's a place in Heaven for Elizabeth Oliver - front row, center! I wish I could thank her in person, because what she is doing is beyond magnanimous. Children take note: THIS is a superhero!

Anonymous said...

Due to arecent break up me and my dog are left looking for a lodger to help pay the bills if i dont find one in a couple months i wil be forced to live in my car as i cant find anywhere to live cheap enough where i can have a dog anyone got any ideas at the end of the day if i have to live out my car just so i can keep my dog i will a dog is for life!

Anonymous said...

lovely , well done dog's trust x

Anonymous said...

In the mist of termoil is when true human sprit comes the form of Elizabeth Oliver,,,,,and dogs trust

Dogs Trust said...

Dear Anonymous (second comment) -

Please see some information about our Hope Project here:

We hope this helps. Best of luck.