Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Canterbury has Harry Potter fever with their own 'red head' Weasley family!

To celebrate the release of the final installment of the much-loved Harry Potter films, our team at Canterbury have named seven ginger pureblood boxer puppies after the Weasley family characters.

Like the Weasley family characters, all of these bouncy boxers are purebloods/breeds who would do anything for their friends. They are all special in their own way and will certainly bring a bit of magic to the families who have rehomed them.

Featured in the group photo (from left to right) Canine Carers: Ashleigh Green, Harriet Cardwell, Ruth Howard, Samantha Davis

  • Four year old Bill is like his character counterpart is a bit of a ladies’ man and has lots of female canine companions at the rehoming centre! He attracts only the most beautiful of hairy hounds!
  • Three year old Percy like his namesake in the film has an independent streak and knows his own mind.
  • Charlie is five years old and like his dragon expert counterpart, is a very wise dog. He’s very intelligent, a group leader and the other boxers in the gang look up to him as he’s excellent at showing the others the doggy ropes, especially the younger ones!
  • Fred and George are both four months old, and just like the Harry Potter characters are two mischievous puppies with hearts of gold. They’re always finding trouble, but with the best intentions and are quite a handful!
  • Ginny the three month old puppy is also the youngest in the litter and is a fast learner; she’ll be a high achiever when she grows up – again, just like her counterpart!
  • Five year old Ron, like JK’s character, is fiercely loyal and will be your best friend for life.
The three puppies came from the same litter and it’s likely that the adult dogs are also all related – cousins and brothers and sister etc. All of the dogs have now found loving, active family homes with owners who will be spending lots of time training and working with the boxers. Their new families will certainly be rewarded for their hard work as these dogs will make loving and loyal canine companions!

If you’re interested in finding out more about other dogs currently in the care of our centre, please call 01227 792 505 or visit the Canterbury rehoming centre.

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