Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shoreham Dalmatians reunited after 3 years go 'dotty' for each other

I admit I got a little teary-eyed when our communications team told us about this story, so I wanted to share it with you.

Back in 2008, two Dalmatians, seven-year-old Freckles (left) and six-year-old Tippy, came to Dogs Trust after over 50 dogs were seized from an animal hoarder and sent to various rescue and rehoming organisations. Understandably the difficult circumstances they'd been raised in affected the dogs; although Freckles bounced back quickly and found new owners easily, Tippy was more troubled and started undergoing training and rehabilitation at Dogs Trust Shoreham.

Over time the nervous dog who didn't like to be touched started to set free his friendlier, more playful side, and it seemed like Tippy might be ready for a home soon. By chance, Freckles' owners, Graham and Cheryl O'Neil, rang the centre saying they were looking for a friend for Freckles. Centre manager Tracy Rae thought that since they'd lived together before, Tippy might be that new friend.

Graham describes the moment the dogs were reunited:

"When they caught sight of each over the fence they jumped up and wagged their tails. The minute they were let off lead in the field that was it - they ran off, barking and nudging one another. We felt like bystanders watching two friends catching up! Tippy has settled in really well now - he loves having a mad half hour and then settles down for a snooze on the sofa."

Tracy and the team at Dogs Trust Shoreham are delighted for Tippy, saying:

"Tippy will love living with Graham and Cheryl. He’s such a gentle, affectionate boy and having Freckles for company will help him relax into his new environment. His carers have worked so hard to bring him out of his shell and we’re very proud to see him go off to such a great home."

Dogs Trust Shoreham cares for around 70 dogs at any one time and will never put a healthy dog to sleep. The charity cares for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes and would like to urge anyone looking to take on a dog to please get in touch.

If you would like to offer a dog a home, please call Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576 or visit the centre on Brighton Road, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex BN43 5LT.


Alis Vet4life said...

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing. And 'Freckles' - what a great name for a Dalmation!

Anonymous said...

Excellent story...glad the friends were reunited.