Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chiswick House & Gardens Dog Show: Max Griffin, Junior Fundraiser!

Dogs Trust trustee Veronica Carbone is one of the organisers of the Chiswick House & Gardens Dog Show. This year she was very impressed to meet young fundraiser Max Griffin. Here's his story:

I reckon Mr Max Griffin deserves some kind of junior fundraiser/entrepreneur medal. Take a look at this cheeky chap with his beloved sidekick, Eric the Goldendoodle. Wouldn’t you want to tickle Eric’s chin? Scritch his delightfully flappy ears? You would? Well that’ll be 50p, please!

In recognising Eric’s extreme cuteness, and exploiting humankind’s innate desire to flapple a dog’s ears, Max has managed to raise an excellent £4.10 for Dogs Trust. Max’s urge to help stray and abandoned dogs saw him stand by the River Thames towpath near his home and charge passersby for the chance to pat Eric - for 20p a go. And charge 50p for a stroke. And charge £1 for a photo taken with him.

Not only did Max come up with the idea himself, and the sliding scale of charges, he also wrote out the sign advertising this unique opportunity and constructed the collection box.

I’m not sure what impresses me about Max the most. Could it be his dedication to raising money for dogs in need? Possibly. Or the way he has identified that people will pay more for greater service? Or could it be the way he has recognised that his own dog is super cute and that grown ups will definitely want, almost need, to stroke him as soon as they see him?

And if Max is not on Dragon’s Den pitching some fantastic idea by the time he’s 9 I’ll eat my hat!

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Anonymous said...

Great work Max! Keep it up!

marley said...

Excellent werk Max. Woof