Monday, 5 December 2011

Ho No No: Tell Harrods and pet shops to take puppies off the Christmas wish list!

Did you know that a third of children still ask for puppies for Christmas and that 1 in 6 parents say they'd bow to the pressure and get one?

This year, we are launching our “Ho, No, No” campaign, to target Harrods and other pet shops across the UK and encourage them to help prevent pet sales that are regretted once the festive season is over. 

We're asking everyone to send a FREE* Christmas Card to Harrods to ask them to stop selling puppies at Christmas. 

If you know someone thinking of getting a dog this Christmas, please help them find the right information so that they're properly prepared to give a dog a home for life by sharing the pages below:

- Dermot O'Leary's Christmas Message: Don't Buy a Puppy From the Internet

- How to rehome a dog from Dogs Trust

- Buying a dog from a reputable breeder

- Puppy care tips and advice

- You and Your Puppy iPhone / iPad App

- Responsible Dog Ownership

As we've been saying for 33 years: a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

*Dogs Trust is funding the free cards. If you want to help our message go even further and help dogs at the same time, you can opt to pay for a card yourself. This will be much appreciated! If there's another vendor you think should get a card too, then please do send one - you'll have to pay a small cost for that. But even if you're not in the UK the free ones to Harrods can be sent without charge as they're posted from the UK.

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