Monday, 12 December 2011

Ho No No: An Update

Thank you to each and every one of you that has sent a card to Harrods or other retailers to spread the message about our Ho No No campaign. So far over 800 cards have been sent in just one week. We know that a few people have received responses from Harrods about the care that they take in selling puppies, and have a few comments to make about this:

While we know that Harrods does have high standards of care for the animals in the Pet Kingdom, we still believe it is completely unnecessary, in this day and age, to sell puppies in a retail environment, whatever time of year. It is not essential for animals to be sold in-store. We would always advocate that puppies should be seen interacting with their mother and a reputable breeder knows that, given the choice, a home environment plays a significant part in raising well-socialised puppies.

If Harrods was to stop the sale of puppies it would send a powerful message to smaller retailers and local pet shops that this is not an appropriate way to sell a dog. It is possible through the Ho No No campaign to choose an alternative retailer to send your card to if you consider that they present a more urgent issue.

We thank everyone who has been helping us put pressure on Harrods to lead the way in ending this practice. To join the campaign, and send a FREE card today, please see

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