Monday, 30 January 2012

Lily and Maddison: New Year Update

A new and final update, as promised, for those of you who have been asking about Great Danes Lily and Maddison:

Lily's new owners say she has settled in very well. She enjoys her walks, and particularly loves playing with her toys. They are full of enthusiasm for their newest family member, saying they "love her to bits".

Maddison's owners popped in a Christmas card to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury over the festive season, letting everyone know she is very happy and enjoying life as part of their family.

We are very pleased that both Lily and Maddison have found homes that can give them the attention, love and care they need. We thank their owners for their commitment, and wish them all the best for the future.

We are not planning any more updates on these girls, but wanted to let everyone who had followed their stories know that they are happily settled. As ever, we thank you very much for your interest, concern and support.


MK Audd said...

Thank you for a final update! Wonderful dogs live in wonderful homes. What a joy to read how humans considered what was best for the dogs first rather than what humans wanted!!

Anonymous said...

Oh they got seperated then ? aww what a shame - I thought they were rehomed together ?

Anonymous said...

Yea why would you seperate them, they were bestfriends. Thats just horrible to do, lilly is blind and she most likely wonders everyday where her bestfriend went, she cant smell her anymoree she doesnt get walked by her anymore she doesnt get anyone .shes all alone now. How does that make you feel.

Dogs Trust said...

Hello to both our Anonymous commenters. If you take a look back through all of the posts about Lily and Maddison, you'll be able to see the whole story: