Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sadeece, Haroshinka: Rehoming Russian-speaking Dogs

Lena and Mishka might be German Shepherds, but it's a different language they're proficient in... These two girls, looking for separate homes from Dogs Trust Snetterton, only understand Russian!

Upon first arrival at the centre, the girls seemed to struggle to settle in, and there were some problems bonding with other dogs. Staff were scratching their heads, until a letter from the previous owners clued them in. Luckily there was help at hand as the husband of one of the receptionists speaks the language fluently and is teaching staff phrases that will help settle Lena and Mishka in.

Kate Brewster, Supporter Relations Officer at Dogs Trust Snetterton, had this to say:
“This is one of the more unusual rehoming appeals that we’ve had at the centre and whilst the staff is adept at using sign language to communicate with dogs with hearing difficulties, this is the first time we’ve had to consider learning a new language. As both dogs are still relatively young we’re hoping that with the right, patient family they will be able to grasp English commands and become bilingual!”  
Four year-old Lena and her daughter Mishka are both looking for separate active homes with experienced German Shepherd owners who can take the time to not only help them settle in but help them master a new language.

If you think you could offer Lena or Mishka or any of their Dogs Trust friends a home please contact Dogs Trust Snetterton on 01953 498 377 or visit the team at North End Road, Snetterton, Norfolk, NR16 2LD.


Nelly Mihill said...

Thank you for the wonderful story. I would really like to rescue one dog from Russia, but I need help with bringing it in the UK. She is currently at a Russian shelter, and she has had a very difficult life. She was tortured- her ear cut off and one eye poked out. Is there anyone who could assist me with bringing her to the UK please? I am very desperate to save her.

Matthew said...

Now that would be a challenge. Almost, but not quite the challenge of rehoming my present GSD....The adorable Shammy from Salisbury DT.

Dogs Trust said...


Thank you for your comment. Please contact our international team on international@dogstrust.org.uk. While we can't assist with bringing dogs to the UK, they might know of an organisation that can help. I'm so sorry to hear of all that this poor dog has been through, and hope she's safely in a loving home soon.

Best wishes,

Alex @ Dogs Trust

sewa mobil said...

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dv8tion said...

@Nelly: I brought my GSD from the US last year. Admittedly Not quite the same thing, but found that if the annoying amount of paper work is gone through, and the paper(money) is spent to get the required micro chips as well as all the shots, bringing him sans the 6 month was easy. I flew over, and collected a whinging and wound up dog up in a matter of hours at the ARC(centre for recollecting animals just outside of Heathrow).
The only real problem I had was that since GSD's need such a large crate, those crates are not accepted in the local flights.
Those are just my limited experiences.
Once your dog as arrived, you can probably sell the crate on as well as I did.




Hope that helps..