Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dog-friendly Cupcakes for DeeDee from Dinner for Dogs by Henrietta Morrison

Kayleigh Barker (yes, she's heard them all) in our Fundraising team tells us about her baking experiments with Henrietta Morrison's Dinner for Dogs while celebrating two years of her beloved DeeDee being a, erm, Barker...

We adopted DeeDee back in 2010. Two years on and she has become a wonderful, although sometimes rather wayward, part of the family and we cannot imagine life without her.

Seeing as it was such an important occasion we celebrated in style, as all important occasions should be celebrated, with cake!

Thanks to Dinner for Dogs by Henrietta Morrison, DeeDee could partake in the festivities with her very own celebratory cupcake. The recipe was very easy to follow and the cupcakes baked up a treat (excuse the pun). Safe to say it was a fair amount of work for a treat that was scoffed in seconds, but as it was a special occasion it seemed fitting and DeeDee loved it.

This book is ideal if you like to treat the four legged members of the family to something extra special once in a while with recipes ranging from hearty meals like Stew for Sad Dogs to tasty treats like the Celebratory Cupcakes.

Happy Dogiversary DeeDee!

If you're buying a copy of Dinner for Dogs and want to help Dogs Trust, don't forget to install Give As You Live so that we get donations from your online shopping - at NO extra cost to you!

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