Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Day in the Life: David, Canine Carer - Dogs Trust Kenilworth

As Dogs Trust Kenilworth continues to take over our social media channels, one of the centre's front line staff talks about his role getting dogs into those all-important forever homes.

My name is David Evans (here with Looby). I’m 50 years old and have worked for Dogs Trust for nine years. Previously I was a maĆ®tre d', so I am used to helping people! Now I help them rehome dogs.

My job as a Canine Carer is to promote our dogs to help them find loving new homes. So today’s "take over" day has been amazing. A big part of my job is to keep our website up to date with images and photographs of all our dogs, but seeing our dogs all over Facebook has been lovely and I know we’ve had calls already.

As promotion is built into my role I also deal with our mobile rehoming unit that takes dogs from our centre to towns and cities that maybe aren’t so aware of our work. Today I had to assess two dogs for the MRU. One was Ozzie, whom you saw earlier today (on Facebook: here he is). To assess them I have them in reception for a while to see how they cope with the hustle and bustle but also to not always being the centre of attention. Ozzie was as good as gold so I know he’ll be fine on the MRU tomorrow and hopefully will get a good home.

Once the dogs are chosen, I also do all the write ups so people can see at a glance what sort of home the dogs need. I like to give as much information as possible to encourage new owners to come forward and to really show off the dogs personality.

I’ll make sure the reception boards are up to date with the latest dogs in our care and the newest photographs.

If there’s a phone ringing I can answer the phone and advise callers on any dogs that I think maybe suitable for them.

I’ve really enjoyed today and I’ve been able to see how quickly we can reach so many people. I can’t wait for the dogs we’ve featured to get homes!

Visit our website to find out more about the dogs waiting for homes at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, and give the centre a call on 01926 484 398 to find out more. You can drop in for a visit between 12noon and 4pm any day, including weekends, except Friday, when we're closed for staff training - no appointment is needed during opening hours.

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