Wednesday, 10 April 2013

An update from the Dogmobile - 2013

Some of you may be familiar with our Dogmobile, two mobile units that travel the country, visiting county shows, town centres and supermarkets, showing people what great dogs rescue dogs are. The bright yellow Dogmobiles contain two comfy kennels for the dogs to lounge in for the day, (whilst looking for that perfect home), plus all sorts of other ‘doggy’ information leaflets and ‘goodies’ are on board.  Cathy, Dogmobile 1 Manager, is always here to keep you in the loop about all that is happening in the mobile unit's how 2013 is shaping up so far!



Hello everybody, 2013 seems to have started where 2012 left off weatherwise I’m afraid!

Cold……snowing…….freezing……ice…..oh and did I say COLD!!

Yes, I can’t say I have noticed much difference temperature wise for Oh, maybe 5 months now, and all I can say is BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

Still, the Dogmobile has been out and about, around the country (where we could get out in the snow anyway!)

Our very first event of the year was in Shrewsbury in January. Right when we’d just had that rather large ‘dumping’ of snow over the country. Unfortunately we had to cancel that venue because we couldn’t get out there as a lot of the roads were blocked or too treacherous to drive on which was a real shame, but hey……….we’ve made up for it since.

Snow at Asda Bideford!
One of our venues was at the big Waitrose store in Salisbury. Boy was that a great two days. People were really interested in what we were doing on the unit, we had a great spot right outside the store (thank you so much Waitrose, you were brill), plus we helped rehome three dogs at the centre from people seeing us at Waitrose, which was really encouraging. Not just that, we also collected two full shopping trolleys full of food and treats the lovely people of Salisbury donated to us at the time. Thank you so much all those people who dropped a ‘doggy’ treat in our trolley. You don’t know how much this helps us make the dogs stay with us just that little bit more ‘special’.

Since then, we’ve travelled to places like Worcestershire, Henley on Thames, Leicestershire, Devon, Warrington and many more.

A dry Leicester City Centre!

We’ve battled through floods, snow drifts, sleet, gales and blizzards so far this year, and, I expect like many other people who are on the road a lot, I am really looking forward to some warm, dry weather where I can at least take the four layers of clothing off I seem to be permanently wearing at the moment, and not have to load snow shovels, grit, brollies and wellington boots in the vehicle everytime.

We will see some warm weather this year…………………………won’t we???

Here’s hoping,

Speak to you soon!!

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