Friday, 28 June 2013

Seeing double!

Influx of inseparable best friends at Dogs Trust Merseyside

DogsTrust Merseyside is urging dog owners to double their love, and consider rehoming a pair of dogs instead of just one. The centre has had an influx of dogs that are best friends, and inseparable, and staff are concerned that they could be overlooked in favour of a single dog.  

Over the last month, the centre has seen 6 pairs of dogs come in together. In the fourteen years that the centre has been open, this number of pairs is unprecedented.

Georgina Lowery, centre manager at DogsTrust Merseyside says “Quite unusually, at the moment we have had 6 pairs of dogs that can’t be separated. They are all looking for families with big hearts who can take them both on.

Rehoming a pair of dogs can be incredibly rewarding, especially if it means you’re helping to keep a friendship together. The two dogs can also keep eachother company in the home. We're appealing to anyone who thinks that they can offer a pair of dogs a home together, to please get in touch.”

Pairs of dogs looking for a home are:

Jet and Midnight

Jet, 13 years old and Midnight, 14 years old are adorable Labrador siblings who are looking for a lovely family, with children over the age of 14 to love them. Jet and Midnight both have failing sight, and so are very dependent on each other but still do like getting out and about on walks.

Sky and Shadow

Sky is a 2 year old Husky, who loves nothing more than playing fetch and having a bath. She is totally inseparable from her best friend Shadow, and they do everything together from sleeping, to eating to watching television! Sky can be nervous of loud noises and some situations, and relies on Shadow for her confidence. Shadow is a 3 year old Northern Inuit, who loves spending her days looking after Shadow. She is very intelligent and enjoys playing fetch with her toys.

Bonnie and Milly

Bonny and Milly are crossbreed sisters, aged 4, and have done everything together their entire lives. Bonny is very affectionate and loves a belly rub and lots of fuss! Milly loves nothing more than a tug of way with her sister, but isn’t particularly fond of walks in the rain! They are very attached to each other and must be rehomed together.

If you think you can give any of our pairs a home please contact DogsTrust Merseyside on 0151 480 0660 or drop into the centre at Whiston Lane Liverpool L36 6HP, United Kingdom

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