Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Update From The Dogmobile

Although you haven’t heard from me for a while, the Dogmobile has still been hard at work motoring around the UK. We're trying to let as many people as possible see some of the lovely dogs that are up for rehoming at our centres.

Since my last post, we have been to Newcastle City Centre, St Albans, Nantwich, Devon, across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland and Aylesbury for the Bucks Show.

I have to say, after some really nice venues, the Nantwich Show turned out to be a bit tricky. When we arrived, there was another vehicle in our proposed pitch so we couldn't set up and nobody knew where the driver was.

It turns out they had sent our pitch allocations before they had actually measured the plots, then they found they hadn't quite got enough room for everybody. Eventually, after about 3 hours of waiting around, we were told the stand next to us would very kindly move, but wouldn't be able to do so until the following morning. So we left, expecting to have a clear pitch the following day, only to arrive in the morning that the stall next to us had moved, but in the meantime, an ice-cream van had parked there! So we waited another hour wait whilst they found the driver who had wandered off, and we were finally allowed to get in our pitch as the gates were opened to the public. Phew, hectic or what?!
Belfast City Hall

Thankfully, our trip to Northern Ireland ran like clockwork. No gales this year for the ferry over. No torrential rain. No floods whilst we were there. Just beautiful scenery, wonderful people and glorious weather (sort of).

I can’t wait to go again, especially as ‘Scooter’ the Terrier we had with us found a home from somebody seeing him on the Dogmobile.

Aaaah bless! That’s what makes all the hard work all the Dogs Trust staff put in worthwhile.
Maybe the Dogmobile will see you at a venue near where you live soon. If you do spot us, come and say hello, we’d love to have a chat! Bye for now.

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