Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dogmobile: October

Just a very quick update from Dogmobile 1
Since arriving back from our Northern Ireland adventures, we’ve attended the Bucks County Show, plus the Wolsingham and Romsey shows. We’ve visited Cardiff City Centre and various Sainsburys, Tescos and Asda supermarkets from Edinburgh to the Midlands, Sussex and back again!

The Gang at Cardiff City Centre
In fact the last two venues we have attended have been BRILLIANT. Firstly we went to Chester Town Centre. We were situated right outside the Town Hall building (and what an impressive building that is), where we were inundated with interested people wondering what we were doing there as it was our first ever visit. The people of Chester were wonderful, donating lots of money to help our dogs, including at one point, what looked like a whole school descending on the square in front of our unit, and consequently descending on us. 

Chester Town Centre

Lara the 12yr old cross breed we had with us at the time was nearly bold after all the patting (but she did love it), and I was pinned to the back of the unit with the crowds of children coming on for info. What I thought was really nice, was they were all very well- mannered, polite and interested in what we were doing there, with most of them donating some of their dinner money to help our dogs which was lovely of them.  

Next we went to Tesco Crawley. They were marvellous considering since we’d arranged and got permission for this event earlier on in the year, the events co-ordinator had left, her replacement was off poorly and nobody else knew we were arriving!!

Thankfully, Emily the customer services manager was lovely and allowed us to pitch up, where we had the most amazing position in their carpark where everybody who went into Tesco could see us. (Thank you Emily and Tesco, you were wonderful.)

This had a massive knock on effect on how busy we were, as hundreds of people were able to come over to see us and say hello. Over 300 to be exact!! Brilliant!! What was even nicer, as this was another ‘first’ for us, loads of people said they were really pleased to see us at Tesco. They must have been because they helped fill three donation pots, plus we had a shopping trolley nearly full of food and treats bought from Tesco for our dogs at Shoreham as well. How cool is that!!

Indie at Tesco Crawley

Thank you customers and staff of Tesco Crawley you have just helped us make a lot of dogs lives a lot more comfortable whilst they are in our care! You also might like to know a dog has already been rehomed from our Shoreham centre, by somebody who visited us at Tesco Crawley. Brilliant!! Let’s hope there are many more to come.
Sorry, must dash - people to see, town centres to visit :)
Bye for now.

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