Friday, 28 February 2014

Dogs Trust Dog'tionary

We ran our Dogs Trust Dictionary campaign via Facebook during the month of February, posting a different dog each day to represent letters of the alphabet!  


As promised, here is an update on all of the dogs featured!

Alfie from Dogs Trust Canterbury. Alfie is one of Canterbury's long term residents. He is currently still with them and still looking for a forever home. He has been enjoying playing in the mud in the fields and woods.

Brink from Dogs Trust Ilfracombe. Brink has now been rehomed and enjoying his life in his new forever home.

Chief from Dogs Trust Loughborough. Chief is still looking for his forever home whist at our Loughborough centre. Fingers crossed for him.

Dutchess from Dogs Trust Glasgow. Dutchess is still staying at our Glasgow centre. She is hoping to find her forever home soon.

Ellie from Dogs Trust Merseyside. Ellie is still currently at the centre, hasn't been reserved and waiting patiently for her forever home.

Fugsey from Dogs Trust Evesham. Fugsey is one of Evesham's long term dogs and is still looking for her forever home. She did receive some interest however the booking fell through for no reason related to Fugsey. Although he has issues around other dogs, he is one of the favourites amongst staff at the centre.

Gus from Dogs Trust Bridgend. Good news for Gus - he is booked in to go to his forever home soon. We wish him all the best.

Henry from Dogs Trust Ballymena. Henry is still waiting at the centre for the right home. His training is coming on well as he is still possessive of his toys. He loves sharing his kennel with female companions.

Inca from Dogs Trust Evesham. Inca is not on view at the moment as he is finding kennel life rather stressful. He is still waiting for a forever home and is absolutely adorable outside a kennel environment and would love someone to give him a chance to blossom as he will make a lovely pet.

JJ from Dogs Trust Canterbury. JJ has gone off to his forever home and is settling in very well!

Keenan from Dogs Trust Kenilworth. Keenan is still at our Kenilworth centre and waiting for the perfect home.

Louis from Dogs Trust Loughborough. Louis hasn't found his forever home yet.

Murphy from Dogs Trust Darlington. Murphy has had interest from one family however this unfortunately fell through. Hopefully he will find a forever home soon.

Nelson from Dogs Trust Glasgow. Nelson is still looking for his forever home but unfortunately keeps getting over looked.

Omar from Dogs Trust Evesham. Omar was booked to go off to a new home but this unfortunately fell through. He has some medical issues and some toy guarding issues which has meant he has not been suitable for a majority of homes. He is by far one of the more asked about dogs and we are hopeful we can find him a new home soon. He is very popular with visitors!

Pugsley from Dogs Trust Darlington. Pugsley currently has potential adopters but is still in the centre so fingers crossed for him.

Queenie from Dogs Trust Salisbury. Lovely Queenie is still waiting for her forever home.

Roodie from Dogs Trust Shoreham. Roodie has been booked to go to his forever home with a lady who has promised lots of lovely woodland walks!

Stevie from Dogs Trust Shrewsbury. Stevie is still at our Shrewsbury centre waiting for his forever home.

Tez from Dogs Trust Loughborough. Tez is still waiting for the right home and we're hoping it will happen soon!

Usher from Dogs Trust Evesham. Usher has now been reserved to go to his forever home. Fingers crossed it all goes through and we wish him the best of luck.

Vince from Dogs Trust Glasgow. Lovely Vince is still at our Glasgow centre patiently waiting for his forever home. Fingers crossed he finds it soon.

Whisky from Dogs Trust Salisbury. Whisky is still at the Salisbury centre enjoying his time with the other dogs whilst waiting for the right home to come along.

Xena from Dogs Trust Canterbury. Xena was reserved to go to her new home, however failed her cat test. She is now looking for a forever home once again, but with no cats.

Yamaha from Dogs Trust Snetterton. Yamaha is still waiting for a forever home at the Snetterton centre and will one day make a really fun and loyal companion.

Zep from Dogs Trust Glasgow. Zep is currently still living at Dogs Trust Glasgow waiting for his new home.

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