Friday, 14 February 2014

Loughborough - Bonnie’s Valentines Love Story

Still looking for the one!? So is Bonnie!
Will you be her soul mate and best friend?

This Valentine’s Day, Bonnie is hoping love is round the corner for her!

Lovely Bonnie has been at Dogs Trust Loughborough since June 2012 and all she is looking for is her forever home and someone to love and call her own.
Bonnie is a 4 year old Golden Labrador, and one of the most good looking she thinks!

Just like any lady she has a few needs before she finds that special someone!

Firstly – her LOVE for tennis balls!
If she had her way then her kennel and future home would be filled of them.. She would play chase all day long if she had the chance.

Secondly – she is wary of meeting new people..
On your first meeting with Bonnie, she will be a little wary of you, bt don’t be put off, once she knows you she will love you to bits and give you all the love you can take!

Thirdly – she loves to learn!
Whether it is swimming, agility jumps, recall, socialising, Bonnie loves it all. She benefits so much through training and will continue to do so being such a bright girl.
Bonnie does need further time spent on her socialising with dogs once in the home environment. She can become stressed around dogs interacting with her so would benefit from a quiet area with good access to open exercise facilities.

Number 4 – She is rather nosey  - don’t you think?

Number 5 – Bonnie loves to swim in the hydrotherapy tank with Carol our Veterinary Physiotherapist!
Bonnie is a true water baby – she is the most happy when she is in water – actually she could be more happy with a tennis ball in water!

Bonnie loves the outdoors, she will walk for miles, play for hours, swim in whatever water she can find! Aside from being worried around visitors, in a home environment Bonnie has a faultless temperament, laid back and great with all her training.

We are making it our mission to find our Bonnie a home, as we love her to bits, we know there is the perfect home out there for her, and we all know that you will love Bonnie as much as we do. She finds it very stressful in a kennel environment, as she is so wary of strangers, she is not in the rehoming block, but if you would like to meet Bonnie then please come into the centre during opening times and ask to meet her!

Can you be Bonnie’s soul mate??


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