Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough: Our 2nd Birthday!

730 days, where does time go….

2 years on from when Dogs Trust Loughborough first opened its doors, we are extremely proud of the positive impact we’ve had on dog welfare in the East Midlands.  We’ve rehomed 1785 dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds.  That’s the equivalent of 2 dogs going off to new homes every day for those 2 years!
Advice for life for all these dogs is provided by knowledgeable Training and Behaviour Advisors Nico and Heather – it certainly keeps them busy!

We’ve also cared for 61 dogs in our specially designed rehabilitation facility.  This state of the art facility supports all of Dogs Trusts centres by providing dedicated care to dogs with a variety of behavioural problems.  

Our dogs come to us from owners all across the region, who can no longer care for their pet. We also work with 16 different local and national organisations assisting with the large numbers of unwanted dogs found abandoned or straying.

Whilst caring for and rehoming dogs is the main work undertaken at the centre, we also promote responsible pet ownership via the work of our Education Officer Anthea and Supporter Relations Office Ella. Anthea has delivered over 600 education workshops while Ella has spoken to over 65 groups interested in the work of Dogs Trust.

Our dedicated team of 50 working in various roles across the centre live throughout the region with journeys ranging from 2 miles to 52 miles each day. 80 local people also travel to the centre once or twice a week to volunteer with us. In 2 years, they’ve given an amazing 7600 hours to the centre and been an essential part of Dogs trust Loughborough.

We’re very excited about the future and aim to continue supporting the East Midlands whether it be via helping dogs, recruiting local people or working with local businesses; it is very important for us to be a part of making the East Midlands a great place to live.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 2 years, we couldn’t do it without you.

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