Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dogs Trust Bridgend - Eleri's ordeal

Dogs Trust Bridgend has just gone through a very worrying time. One of our little Lurcher girls Eleri, was recently rehomed, but got spooked, and ran away from the owner, and had been lost for quite a few days up on a local common.

However, they have had an amazing response, from local dog lovers, and also other dog rescues etc, all helping in the search for her. We are thrilled that Eleri has now happily been returned to the Bridgend centre. We are pleased to say she is safe and well and happy to be back.

The staff at the centre are so grateful to all those who responded and took part in searching for her. They really could not have done it without all the help on media sites and everything else. The staff at the centre also did a fantastic job of going out in their own time to help in the search. A huge thank you to Lynne Treharne, the receptionist at Dogs Trust Bridgend, who kindly came forward and took Eleri into her home as she is very familiar with the Lurcher breed.

Here’s Eleri enjoying some time with her greyhound and Lurcher friends that Lynne Treharne kindly brought in to see Eleri. They greeted her as one of them and calmed her better than any human could have done. They surrounded her on first meeting almost to protect her which was lovely to see. She seems to enjoy the company of the other dogs and felt reassured when they were close to her. Eleri is the slightly smaller brown Lurcher.

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