Monday, 20 October 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough: The great rehoming mystery!

In the world of animal rehoming, there is one great mystery that stumps many, even those who’ve worked in the industry for many years; why are some dogs overlooked?

We’ve all heard about how black dogs are harder to rehome but here at Loughborough the team are dumbfounded as to why these five special pooches have been overlooked.  Collies Kye and Polly, Beagle cross Frank, Crossbreed Cassidy and SBT  Stevie are firm team favourites and have been repeatedly overlooked by visitors looking for their new best friend. 

Latest research into people’s choices when choosing a new dog shows that that:
·         95% prefer to choose a dog with a toy in their kennel
·         72% prefer dogs who stand at the front of their kennel
·         59% prefer female dogs
·         72% prefer a non barking dog

Age is also a reliable predictor of adoption with dogs under 4 months being the most desirable followed by under 12 months old.

Each of our five is different, a true individual with plenty of character and personality.  They are loved by the team who are desperate to find them the loving homes they deserve... 

Here's what their favourite Canine Carers have to say about them!

Why I love Kye - By Canine Carer Kirsty

Kye has brains and beauty.  With his stunning colouration and the fact he can find tasty treats hidden away is a breeze, what’s not to love?

His favourite thing is walking with his carers and doggy pals.  Kye is a pleasure to walk and he’s really helped build the confidence of his canine pals who aren’t always too sure about life.  Away from busy kennel life, Kye enjoys a cuddle or doing some fun activities to keep his clever mind occupied.  Kye is a very special dog and I really hope someone can offer this lovely boy the home he deserves.

Why I love Polly - By Canine Carer Jemma

Polly is a popular girl here at the centre; all her carers love her fun and cheeky personality.  Polly can be a little shy at first and can be worried by meeting new people so she spends her days in our kennels where she isn’t seen by visitors.  Sadly this means she is often overlooked despite how pretty and amazing she is. 

Polly is such an intelligent dog who is always keen to learn new tricks.  If she is not snoozing in her arm chair, you’ll find her out in the field playing fetch.  Polly just loves tennis balls and will play with them all day!  She’s desperate to find someone to love her who enjoys playing fetch as much as she does, please ask about this beautiful girl.

Why I love Frank - By Canine Carer Aimee

Frank is very much a ladies man who is a true gentleman. He can be a little shy at first but is a very sweet and loving boy. He adores the finer things in life and would love to find a quiet, calm home in the countryside. Currently he settles for basking in any sunshine we have and tickles from me while we relax together in our centre garden.

I have no idea why Frank is overlooked - just look at him, he's so handsome! He can sometimes get upset in his kennel especially when people walk past him to see the other dogs but he really is a delightful distinguished gentleman with lots of love to give so please ask to meet him.

Why I love Cassidy - By Canine Carer Adrian

Cassidy is a very loving and affectionate dog and although she can initially be nervous of new people, once a bond is built she won't leave your side.  She is a very good traveller and will jump straight in the car and is a very calm and quiet passenger.  When Cassidy is out in the wilderness she loves to explore and is more confident in her surroundings, she truly loves long walks.

I love training Cassidy as she is very intelligent and enjoys her food rewards which help her learn faster.  We have lots of fun going out for walks and Cassidy will happily say hello to other dogs and play with them as long as they don’t ask her to share her toys!

I do not understand why she has not gone home yet, she is a loyal loving companion who just needs a lot of love and attention.

Why I love Stevie - By Canine Carer Natalie

Stevie is a cheeky chap who loves everyone.  He’s a real character and always enjoys going out with his carers.  Day to day Stevie takes everything in his stride – he truly is too cool for school which is why I love him.  When he’s not out having adventures, he loves nothing more than to chill out on the sofa.  I have no idea why no one has chosen Stevie, I think he’s the perfect dog!  Please ask to meet this special boy.

For more information or to arrange to meet any of these great dogs please contact Dogs Trust Loughborough today!

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Late opening: Wednesday 12:00 - 19:30 (note: dogs can be viewed until 19.30 but visitors interested in rehoming must have completed a home finder questionnaire prior to 19:00).

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