Thursday, 31 July 2008

Christian the Lion YouTube video

Although the events in this video took place in the 70s, the story of a captive lion released back into the wild only to recognise its prior rescuers is clearly still tugging at the heartstrings. Since this video was added in June, over 7 million people have viewed this emotional reunion, which is certainly worth a few minutes of your day.

Just turn the sound down if you're in a public place (unless you're really fond of Whitney Houston and all the people around you are too).

It certainly stretches the definition of what we consider a pet... Now imagine getting that every day from a pet dog, grateful that you'd given him a forever home. Alright, perhaps not a fair comparison but certainly a good bit less unpredictable!

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Anonymous said...

Christian the Lion is a true inspiration. Not important how long ago events transpired.
Over the years I notice how often animal cruelty acts are being reported and the culprits caught and taken to court.
Here in New Jersey we have zero tolerance and people do notice and speak up because now something is being done about it.