Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Do you know basic pet first aid?

Because I have a pretty keen interest in blogging and social networking, I was pottering around Squidoo the other day and made a lens for fun. I decided to make it on behalf of Dogs Trust, to spread the word, and wrote about a topic from our main website's A-Z.

The topic was pet first aid.

No-one likes to think about a pet emergency happening to them, and yet anyone who has owned (or been owned by!) an animal has had at least one vet crisis. If something frightening happens, do you know how to keep your cool and do the best by your dog? First aid cannot replace prompt veterinary treatment, but it can help save your pet's life and reduce pain until that treatment is available.

You should read the full list of hints and suggestions on our Squidoo page, including a list of important things to keep by the phone and the ABC of first aid, but here are a few simple hints to get you thinking:

  • First aid should be restricted to what is necessary to save an animal's life, to reduce pain and therefore to stop suffering until the animal receives attention by the vet.
  • Don't panic and don't try to be a hero. An emergency situation will require you to be speedy, calm and safe. Think slowly but act fast.
  • Keep a Dog First Aid kit at home and with you when you are travelling - ask your vet for advice on what to keep in here.
  • Following any incident, treatment by a veterinary surgeon is essential.
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