Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Pooch & Mutt wants to know your dog's carbon paw print

We've all heard about our carbon footprint, and know that we ought to be reducing our impact on the planet by flying and driving less, buying local produce, recycling, reusing and buying products made of sustainable materials such as bamboo. But what about our pets?

In an Earth Day blog post, I mentioned a few ways of helping the environment such as using biodegradable poop scoop bags. The Pooch & Mutt blog is taking ideas like these further by running a survey to establish the behaviour patterns of dog lovers, and just how eco-friendly we are as owners.

Covering areas such as the material your dog's collar is made from and whether walking your dog replaces journeys you would have made by car, it'll take under a minute to answer the six questions down the right-hand side of the page linked to above. It will be interesting to see what the blog will do with the results of the survey which is running for around another month.
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