Tuesday, 8 July 2008

George's Diary of a Collie's forever home

When two-and-a-half year old George first arrived at Dogs Trust Harefield (West London), he was such a nervous wreck that he wasn't even available for rehoming for six long months. As staff painstakingly built up his confidence, they began to wonder if a really special family would come forward to work with the timid boy and get him enjoying life.

Step forward Toni and Brian. Having just lost their beloved dog, Bonnie, they were looking for a pet who could help fill the depressingly empty space in the house. Having spotted George, they came back to visit him several times before finally taking him home just eight weeks ago.

In those eight weeks, George has begun to undergo an amazing transformation. He's able to walk off the lead and is mastering basic recall and other commands. Best of all, he's starting to display the confidence and friendliness we all knew he was capable of in the right hands.

Toni and Brian know that it can be a challenge to train a dog who has had a rough start in life. So they've put George online, where 'he' writes a blog explaining his achievements such as the first time he managed to spend a night away from home.

Well done Toni and Brian and most of all well done George. We're proud of you too!
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