Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Urgent Appeal: Canine foster mum needed for litter of pups in Glasgow

When Angelina, a heavily pregnant Lurcher Cross arrived at the Glasgow Rehoming Centre nine days ago she was severely undernourished. Although she managed to give birth to 12 healthy pups, the fact she was so exhausted and malnourished meant that her supply of milk dried up. Although she’s trying to look after them veterinary treatment to help her produce milk has sadly not worked. The only option left is to find a foster mother to take over the nursing of the three day old puppies.

Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre Manager Sandra Downie explains:
“The staff here are currently taking shifts to care for the puppies round the clock and feeding them with artificial milk but we’re no substitute for a mother. Unless we find a foster mum soon, the puppies may die.”
Anyone who has, or knows of, a nursing dog is asked to contact the Rehoming Centre immediately on 0141 773 5130.
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