Monday, 1 December 2008

Glam guestblogger Krystyna attends the Fido Awards

Fresh from her Cosmo makeover, Krystyna hit the town for the Fido Awards, honouring dogs on film. Here's the lowdown on the festivities:

My glamorous career at Dogs Trust continues! Yesterday I went to the Fido Awards, which is like a canine version of the Oscars. These awards honour doggy actors who have starred alongside less hirsute (and sometimes less well trained) actors in blockbusters this year. Organisers also run this at the oh-so glamorous Cannes film festival: but my invite extended only to a trendy East London cinema on a cold winter Sunday afternoon!

The nominations included:
  • Samantha, the German Shepherd starring alongside Will Smith in I Am Legend
  • Dolly aka Mr Darcy, in St Trinian’s
  • Afghan Hounds, starring alongside Julia Roberts in Charlie Wilson’s War
    [Ed's note: LOVED this film!]
  • SATC’s Samantha’s Yorkshire Terrier
Film critics from The Times, the London Evening Standard, the Independent and Heat magazine had the unenviable task of deciding the winners, while actress Camilla Rutherford and famous portrait subject Sue Tilley were on hand to deal out the awards.

Pleasingly, the rosettes were in Dogs Trust colours! My plus-one was Sarah who used to work here in the press office and jumped at the chance of coming along.

We both had a great time and were delighted to have our photos taken with the overall winner (“Best in World”!) Dolly (pictured above with Krystyna, left, and Sarah), who actually played a male dog in St Trinian’s and whose job was to hump Colin Firth’s leg….

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Regina said...

I am sincerely glad that dog actors are recognized and awarded. They certainly deserve that and much more.

However, I can't help wondering whether that is the life they would have chosen for themselves if they had a say in the matter.

I have an adorable little Shih Tzu who is very smart and I've been able to teach him a whole lot of tricks which he performs on command for friends, neighbors and family. But does he enjoy them as much as his audience does?