Monday, 2 March 2009

Vote now: which dog should Wendy and Lucy viewers sponsor?

You might remember reading about Wendy and Lucy, a brand new film released on March 6th, which had an advanced screening at which viewers donated enough money to sponsor a dog for a year. The guests were also invited by Soda Pictures to vote on which dog they should support; that's where you come in!

The results came to a tie, with Mr. Magoo, Digby and Chad all going neck-and-neck. Of course I think they're all deserving and couldn't possibly decide, but if you have opinion, head over to the Wendy and Lucy website to cast your vote! You can also check out the trailer, clips and images so you know what to expect when you head out to see the film.

I'm looking forward to finding out who wins!

Don't forget you can also sponsor a dog for you or give a gift sponsorship to a friend or relative. You'll get three updates a year and we have lots more online interactive features planned for finding out about your new friend once our website re-launches later in the year.

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