Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Marathon, before and after by Jo-Emma Larvin

Jo-Emma Larvin completed the Marathon in 4 hours and 11minutes - a fantastic feat and all at Dogs Trust Are very proud of her and the £7000 she has raised to date. Here in her last blog for us she tells us of the build up to the race and the day itself. Pictures to come soon!

Friday 2 days to go...
Meal was yummy last night. I cant stop eating. Its mad I've actually put half a stone on. Must be the muscle in my legs as well as bit of extra meat round my belly - I need this you see to keep me going race day ;-). Well I packed my things and got on the train to London. Checked into the hotel the Flora Marathon always use. Its very nice, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for any of the elite athletes I may recognise.

Got my gladrags on and went to the Cityrats film premiere! There was a hold up that made the film start late so I did the social bit (and ate half a bucket of popcorn) then came back to hotel before the film even started - naughty! When I got back to hotel (and back in my squashies (loungy comfy pants) I saw Niki who works for the marathon and went for a pizza with her. Back in room just done a face pack now im off to bed. Night night x

Saturday 1 day to go...
Went down and got my race number. How funny the digits have my running time from the half marathon in them. Loadsa 2's. my half marathon time was 2.02.22 thats got to be a good sign. Anyway went for a half hour run along the Embankment, lots of super speedy runners wooshing past me. they are like thouroughbred racehorses zooming and I'm like a little donkey just plodding along ha :-)

Going to meet Joe for lunch now then meet my mum off her train later.
getting very excited now YEEHAA


Woke up way before alarm went off. Ate my weetabix I'd put at side of bed last night. Nearly 6am, just wanted to eat 4 hours before kick-off. Ate them with my eyes closed - am shattered havent slept good at all. Chilled in bed for half hour then opened the curtains to a lovely hazy view of Tower Bridge - first wave of excitment as I think I'm going to be running over that later.
Get ready and me & Joe go down to meet my mum and get on buses to go to the start line.
By time I'm at blue start line I'm getting very excited. Everyones been so lovely to me and checking I'm ok all the time. See a couple of familiar faces from the half marathon which is nice. My mum wanted Ronan Keatings autograph for a friend it took her ages to pluck up courage to ask him bless her.
Sue Barker interviewed me & Joe for BBC. Went well and of course I plugged Dogs Trust!!
At start line I was next to Gordon Ramsey and his wife they were giving me some last min tips. everyones wishing each other luck ooooh
I keep looking at my mum and Joe and waving and blowing kisses aww. I'm so excited can't stop smiling.
What a great run. I did so well. I took my time, paced myself and managed to do it in 4 hours and 11 minutes. WOW! I'm so surprised. I was nearly dying last 3 miles but wouldn't allow myself to walk at all. I ran the whole way.

Back at hotel bar in the evening I've been telling every person I pass that I've done the marathon. waiters, customers, anyone near me. Im truly beaming!!
As I'm hopping around like a 90 year old I'm already planning my next marathon ..... mmm wonder which one I should do....

P.s everyone so proud of me - Joe was so surprised I really impressed him. Mum said she knew I'd do well - she said 'you're a Larvin'

Ther is still time to sponsor Jo-Emma at JustGiving

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