Friday, 24 April 2009

One Week To go

Jo Emma tells us of the final week before the London Marathon this Sunday.

6 days to go... Mon

Took the train to London got my hair done today. I've have some hi-lites. Gingery ones - a change for the summer. Met my friend and we go Ping Pong dim sum place for dinner. I stay over at hers. Nice girly catch-up!

5 days to go... Tues

Spend the day in London with my friend today. Bought my new trainers for the marathon from Foot Locker on Bond Street they only have a waffle shop next door dont they??! well I couldnt resist a belgian waffle with chocolate sauce & 2 scoops of ice cream. Stunning. Really hot gorgeous day - I love london in the sun. I hope its not this hot on marathon day though Eek!! I got train back to Wales where Joe picked me up and we went out for a yummy meal. I had fish with jacket spud and loadsa garlic bread. Happy to see Sonny when I get in. He's happy to see me too. No-ones ever as happy to see you as your dog!!

4 days to go...Wed

Im tired as I've done lots of press today. A few different shoots and interviews for various papers. I do enjoy it though. We did the shoots at Joes boxing gym. Smelly gritty place but outside has gorgeous scenery so I'm looking forward to seeing the pics. Sonny came along as usual. Going to try and get an early night.

3 days to go...Thurs

Well I've had an easy day today. Just a little shoot this morning which I couldnt resist getting Sonny in on. Then Joe and I took Sonny for a walk and a swim (Sonny, not us)

Been lounging round at home rest of day. Gonna go for a little 15min run at 5pm then I'll get ready as taking some friends out for a meal tonight. John Fairclogh, Joes doctor and his wife Sheila. its actually thanks to him I'm doing the marathon, he's the one that first put it to Joe.

There is still plenty of time to sponsor Jo-Emma who is running the London Marathon for Dogs Trust visit

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