Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Personalised Dogs Trust mugs help raise funds and brighten tea time!

If there's one thing - at home or in the office - guaranteed to make you feel possessive, it's a mug! YOUR mug says something about you, and is often a gift or holiday keepsake. Mine is a "tea... coffee" mug that was a birthday pressie from fellow Dogs Trust bods, and Jacqui's is a Scooby Doo mug that was an Easter gift from her fiancee. We both get very narky when other people 'borrow' them! We can't be the only ones...

Now there's a way to show your support for Dogs Trust, help us raise funds but also keep that personal element, thanks to a new partnership with The Mugshot Company.

Each £7.50 mug features a picture and optional text of your choice, plus a Dogs Trust logo. 25% of this will go straight towards helping dogs in our care and the price includes postage and packing (slightly more for RoI, please check the website).

To choose your mug and support dogs across the UK, just follow this link to the Mugshot Company website (it has to be this page, or the donations won't come to us!). And remember, it's Fathers Day coming up on the 21st, so it might be just the thing to keep dads happy!

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