Monday, 14 June 2010

VIDEO: Dogs Trust Darlington appeals for special home for two special dogs

Cleo, a 5 year old Saluki cross, came to Dogs Trust Darlington with Anna, a 9 year old Pointer cross a few months ago. Their previous owner was no longer able to look after them and although they are both friendly with other dogs and love people, staff were struggling to find them a home as they needed to go together and lots of visitors are just looking to rehome a single dog.

Now it’s going to be Dogs Trust Darlington’s hardest ever rehoming appeal as sadly both have become poorly in the past month and staff are struggling even more to find them a new owner.

Anna the Pointer cross has just been diagnosed with an inoperable brain lesion (like a tumour) which affects her mobility and her life expectancy is likely to be short. She’s still very happy at the moment and has a good quality of life so staff are really keen for her to find a home soon where she can live the rest of her days with Cleo.

Cleo the Saluki cross became lame suddenly while out on a walk last month. She was taken to the vets for X rays and they found that she has a problem with the joint of her hind left leg, so has been on strict rest and pain relief since then. Staff are monitoring the situation and she may need surgery in the future.

Dogs Trust will cover all the veterinary costs for Anna and any veterinary cost relating to Cleo’s leg, so new owners need not worry about the cost of taking on these dogs.

They’re absolutely lovely-looking dogs and are great with people and other dogs so it’s such a shame that they’re still looking for a home. Please call the centre on 01325 333 114 if you think you can change their fortunes; Dogs Trust Darlington is open for visits daily, including weekends, from 12pm-4pm (except Tuesdays, when it's closed for staff training).

Meet the girls:

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Anonymous said...

I really hope that these two dogs find a good home as all animals are special in their own way and these two need the help of a loving owner that can offer them a home for the rest of their lifes. Im so sorry that I can not be that person to take them on but would have loved too.