Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Ballad of Patsy and Jack

Update 28th June 2010: Patsy has now been rehomed! She's settled in extremely well and her new owners report that she's an 'angel'. Jack has also been reserved, so fingers crossed he'll be settling in to his new home very soon!

Update 9th July 2010: Jack's been rehomed too! Read the story on this recent blog post.

Well, not so much a ballad, more a plaintive cry.

These two dogs have just one thing in common: despite mucho media attention they’re still hanging out with their pals at Dogs Trust rehoming centres.

Patsy has appeared on GMTV and in the Daily Record, yet she’s still waiting for Mr or Ms Right to show their face at Dogs Trust West Calder. Honestly, what’s a gal got to do to get your attention?

Jack has appeared on Look North and the Yorkshire Evening Post, but he’s still chilling with his buds at Dogs Trust Leeds. Staff are scratching their collective heads as to why Jack’s not been snapped up by some big dog-loving, large garden-owning son or daughter of a gun.


You’d be crazy to let Patsy slip through your fingers. She’s the sensitive brown-eyed girl who could be absolutely fabulous – if only she’s given the chance to come home with you. She’s 8 years old and has been at West Calder for over a year, making her their longest standing resident.


Don’t leave him on his Jack Jones – this boy seriously needs somebody to love. He’s been a real favourite of Dogs Trust Leeds staff since 2009. This 8 year old chunky crossbreed LOVES people and is the friendliest chap you could wish to meet. He really doesn’t get on with other dogs or cats, so you’ll need to have a good sized garden where he can be sure to get his exercise without meeting any other four legged “frenemies.”

Dial 01506 873 459 for Patsy – West Calder
Dial 0113 281 4920 for Jack - Leeds

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