Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Puppy Love at Dogs Trust Darlington as Hand-reared Pups Triumph Over Adversity

Pictured: Dogs Trust staff L-R. Back row- Sharon Boult, Joanne Alford, Katie Chapel, Front row: honorary helper Ellie Clay (age 7), Andrew Bainbridge and Alasdair Alexander.

Staff at Dogs Trust Darlington have saved the lives of seven unwanted newborn pups by going the extra mile and bottle-feeding them throughout the night for six long weeks.

The Terrier cross puppies, whose names are Karlos, Ko Ko, Heather Feather, Veronica, Sophie, Sonny and Cher, were rejected by their mother who had been found as a stray in the local area.

Graeme Blackburn, Dogs Trust Darlington Assistant Centre Manager, explains:

“When the pups’ mother rejected them we didn’t have to think twice about taking on the challenge to rear them ourselves. The canine carers took the puppies home with them and bottle-fed them every couple of hours throughout the night, so that they’d have the best possible chance of survival.

"Having been raised in a home environment with families and other pets, these puppies are already well socialised and are developing characters of their own. It’s so heart warming to see such commitment from the staff who really did go the extra mile and their unstinting efforts have truly made a difference to these puppies' lives.”

Images of two of the hand-reared pups Sonny and Cher.

We're really happy to report that the puppies already have lovely new homes and were collected by their lucky owners earlier today.

At any one time Dogs Trust Darlington cares for 120 dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes so if you are considering rehoming a rescue dog contact the centre directly on 01325 333 114 or visit Dogs Trust Darlington online to view the current intake online.

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