Monday, 14 February 2011

Love is in the air... and here at Dogs Trust, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Mixed emotions are a hallmark of this day (no pun intended)! There are those that hate the abundance of hearts, chocolate, and flowers on principle or think it is just a holiday manufactured by greetings card companies to cash in. There are those that think it is the most romantic day of the year or will take it as an excuse to wine and dine their loved ones. Here at Dogs Trust, we’re always in love with our dogs. If Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to share that love, we jump at the chance!

This year, we thought it would be a great chance to remind everyone about how they can improve their doggy relationships with a fun, vintage training film. It’s a 1950’s look at building a relationship with your dog. It is not hard to see that things haven’t really changed since then! Check it out here:

This relevant, fun, and quirky video shows how an improved relationship with your dog can make any home a happier place. So, whether you have a special someone, or no one to pamper on this Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate the bond between you and your dog?

We’re also proud to say that we used some home-grown talent in this video! Can you spot Stephanie from our Sponsor a Dog team? She was made for the era, wouldn’t you say?

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Mrs Cookie said...

I feel pretty silly because for a moment I thought the video was genuinely from the 1950's it wasn't until I saw the front door of the house that I thought it looked a little modern!

You did an excellent (if OTT) job there!