Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Standing up for Staffies!

Our Publications Manager, Deana (owner of Daniel the Spaniel), is standing up for a breed that gets a bad rap in today's post. Check it out:

What’s got four legs, a wagging tail, an appetite for fun and a serious need for reputational rehab? The Staffordshire Bull terrier:

I’ve always loved this particular breed for their fun loving and eager- to- please characters, and like many dog lovers I’m always upset to hear the latest piece of anti Staffy news or gossip. It seems that the media in general really has it in for this breed. It makes me mad that journalists are all too keen to slate the Staffy while failing to look at the dimwitted owner who didn’t have their dog under control.

Here are my top reasons to love a Stafford:
  1. Wide smile – so entertaining
  2. Fat butt / whippy tail combination
  3. Always delighted to see you
  4. Very energetic – except when asleep
  5. Great with kids
  6. Can shimmy from to of head to tip of tail when happy
  7. Dark beady eyes
  8. They look especially fetching when grey around the muzzle
  9. Extremely affectionate
  10. They have SUCH a big character

I’d love to hear your reasons too...

Photo courtesy of Andy Catterall

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