Friday, 27 May 2011

Free microchipping from Dogs Trust

As part of microchipping month which runs throughout June we are offering free microchipping at all of our centres. There are only 100 chips available per centre so it is first come first served!

All centres will be offering microchipping (for dogs!) FREE of CHARGE (usual charge £10 unless on means tested benefit) as a special offer in the month of June. You do need to book in advance. Please call your nearest rehoming centre to book your appointment

The dates are

  • 1st – 7Th June Glasgow
  • 8th – 14th June Merseyside, Kenilworth, Bridgend, Snetterton, Evesham
  • 13th – 19th June Newbury and Canterbury
  • 15th – 21st June Ballymena, Harefield, Ilfracombe, Salisbury
  • 20th – 27th June West Calder
  • 22nd – 28th June Shoreham
  • 23rd – 30th June Leeds, Shrewsbury(Roden)

In addition, every owner that gets their dog chipped in the month of June will get Petlog Premium (which allows the clients to keep their details updated for life of dog free of charge) for just £7.50 (full price £15).


Anonymous said...

What about Wales?

Dogs Trust said...

Hi there,

The service is available at our Bridgend centre in Wales between June 8th - 14th.

Please get in touch with the centre on 01656 725219 to find out more information.

Anonymous said...

what about southampton we never get the special offers here like neutering and chipping

Anonymous said...

Same as Hertfordshire

Anonymous said...

is there none in tyne and wear

Anonymous said...

Great concept...just a shame it's only available at Bridgend in Wales - will cost me as much to get there as to go to my local vets and pay. Maybe it would be better to have less available in more areas for fairer distribution.

Dogs Trust said...

Due to limited resources, the bulk of our microchipping is done at the centres - apart from in Northern Ireland where we have been helping Local Authorities and vets offer free chipping in order to help owners comply with the recent law change, although we chip at Dogs Trust Ballymena too.

However, within our Campaigns areas, which include Wales, there are sometimes chipping roadshows or health checks - often in association with the PDSA. Our Campaigns managers are based at Ballymena, Bridgend and Darlington (to cover NI, Wales and the North of England), and you're welcome to contact those centres directly to find out more about what's happening in your area. You can also ask your Local Authority Dog Warden about any plans, or email our Head Office Campaigns team on

Subsidised neutering is also offered in those areas to people on means-tested benefits, and you can find out more about that here:

Thank you for your interest. Although we can't cover every area, we aim to spread our resources out as well as we can, and help as many dogs - and owners - as possible.

doganjo said...

When are you doing the free chipping in 2013 and where? IS Scotland included - we are still one country I understand?

Unknown said...


Thanks for your message. This post is from 2011 - you can find the most recent information here:

Just as our free chipping included Scotland in 2011 (the first event listed is in Glasgow!), our events will include Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2013.

However, the law change will only affect England (NI already has compulsory microchipping as a licencing condition).

Thanks for your interest!