Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We have a litter of 11 pups who are 9 days old that need hand rearing, we are looking for dedicated Foster carers for these pups as they need feeding every three hours day and night.

Full training and equipment will be provided including puppy pens. The pups will be fostered in pairs so they are not ever alone and a minimum commitment of 3 weeks needed but it may be up to 7. Potential foster carers would need to be at home most of the day

Local enquiries only so we can monitor progress and any other dogs in the house MUST be vaccinated.

If you can help please call 0113 281 4920 and leave your name, number and the reason for a calling and we will call back or email leedsrehoming@dogstrust.org.uk


Dogs Trust Leeds


Jane said...

Oh I wish I lived nearer but I am in West Sussex

linda said...

I Live in Essex,full time housewife,our springer bitch had 9 puppies,which we ended up having to step in and bottle feed as she was worn out,,with the full time demand upon her,,,also 1 pup was born with a hare lip and 1 pup was very week and needed extra help..It is a full time job ,we really didnt live the house for 3 months,slept with mum for the first few weeks to sleep any acidents or her rolling on them,would DO it all again,,,

Anonymous said...

wish i could help to im in stockport good look with all u do your amazing.

Impawtant Pups Rescue said...

Good luck with finding foster care for these precious pups, shame we arent closer as we could have offered rescue spaces to them, good luck, keep up the great work x

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to help too. But I'm in Essex.