Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dogmobile: March 2014

2014 Dogmobile

Well, hasn’t 2014 started off strong, LITERALLY I mean, with the weather. 

Pheew! Somehow the Dogmobile has managed to miss any real flooded areas so far with our venues, but we have been blown about a bit. Good job we’ve got lots of rope to hold our canopy down.

Rather than chunter on about what we’ve done so far this year, I thought a few pictures would tell the story just as well.


 At Asda in Sittingbourne.

A wet day at Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Kings Heath Village Square.

Hanging on in the gales!

Rugby Clocktower.

Doggy donations from lovely Waitrose Salisbury customers!

Laura, Hannah and Viant from BBC Leicester Radio.

Bindy enjoying the sun at Waitrose Barry during a lull.

We hope to see you at a venue near you soon. Asda Cheltenham here we come!

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