Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dogs Trust West Calder: Fundraising for our hounds!

Mr Duddridge and his son Aaron are building towers! 

Mr Duddridge and his son Aaron Duddridge have been collecting coppers for the past year. They have gradually been binding the coins together by dipping them in Coca Cola with the help of Aaron's grandmother. Altogether the total of the coins was £45.54! They brought the two huge coin towers into the centre for us to see! 


The Blair family prove that every little helps!

Meet Mr Blair and his dog Bailey, as a family they take it upon themselves to collect coins that they find in the street, and put them towards their 'Bailey Fund' - which is then donated to us!

The kind family do this regularly for us and and in just 7 months they have collected £47 for our furry residents.

The 'Bailey Fund' is named after their much loved family pet, and we couldn't be more greatful to be their chosen charity of choice to receive their findings.   

Centre manager Susan Tonner says:

"It really is amazing that this much money is discarded on a daily basis by the general public, and we are so so grateful that the family do this for the charity!"  

Here is Mr Blair with Bailey and the money donated alongside Canine Carer Francesca Scatchard:

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