Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough: Celebrate Your Pets (Part 1)

Here's Centre Manager Nikki celebrating her pets for National Pet Month!

I’ve been working in animal welfare for over 10 years now but I’ve had pets all my life.  Growing up I cant remember a time we didn’t have a budgie chirping away in our house!  Rosie was our family dog in my teenage years and once I started college studying animal care, guinea pigs joined our clan!

After completing my degree and getting a home of my own, my home has never been without a pet.  Budgies, guinea pigs, chinchilla’s, cats and dogs have been a staple part of my adult life and I couldn’t imagine my home without an animal.

 Those of us who share our life and home with a furry creature know all about why we should celebrate our pets but if you’re currently pet-less let me tell you why you should consider rehoming an animal.

They make you laugh!
My two dogs make me laugh so much, true belly laughs as well.  They are the funniest creatures I know.

You always have company.
I live alone but I don’t feel like I do as my dogs and cat Lacey are always with me.  There is no better company.

They provide you with unconditional love and trust.
Pets never shy away from telling you how much they love you.  My boys and I snuggle up on the sofa and we all give a satisfied sigh happy to be together.

They keep you active (most pets!).
Rupert’s getting old now so doesn’t go for more than a potter most days but Mork and I head out for long walks whenever we’re off work.  Even on work days, we get out at least twice a day come rain or shine!

A small word of warning, do remember that any pet does require time, patience, understanding and money.  Never rehome an animal without considering the impact if will have on you and your families life.

I am truly thankful for every day I have with my 3 pets.  I celebrate our life together by devoting time to them and caring for them in the best possible way I can.  In return I get their devotion and bags of unconditional love which is extremely humbling. 

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