Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dogs Trust Loughborough: Celebrate Your Pets! (Part 2)

The staff at Dogs Trust Loughborough are celebrating National Pet Month by introducing us to their very own furries!

Ella - Moss and Brewster

I celebrate my pets by going on lots of long walks, exploring the countryside.
My two lovely boys; Moss my Blue Merle Border Collie and Brewster my Spaniel, love going out into the countryside investigating and exploring.
Moss is a shy boy but his confidence has grown no end since we adopted Brewster, they are best friends and could never be without each other – even for an hour!
Every day we go walking for at least 8 miles, meeting new people, new animals, new places and new smells.
I just love to see the smiles on their faces every day!
I am at my happiest when I’m spending time with my dogs. 

 Emily - Stig

I celebrate my pets by involving them in as many aspects of our life as possible
Our dog, Stig, has been going to work with either myself or my husband since he was 8 weeks old.
We have taken him all over the country – in the car, on trains, on the London Underground, on a funicular railway in Devon – and he has taken it all in his furry stride (falling sound asleep on the Tube with his head on a commuter’s foot!).
We are at our happiest when walking with Stig in the Peak District with a pub lunch to look forward to along the way.

Grace - Phoenix 

I celebrate my pets by teaching him new things.
This is me and my 9 year old Belgian Shepherd, Phoenix.  He used to be quite an athlete when he was younger and we did quite a lot of agility, which he loves, and though he still thinks he's 3 years old, we've started to do veteran classes at agility shows instead of competing against the younger dogs - though I haven't told him this yet! He rarely gets a clear round but we don’t care - it's all good fun and it means we get to spend days out together having quality fun time.
He adores learning new things and can be quite overenthusiastic with his training, but nothing makes me smile more than the look on his face when he realises he’s learned something new and fun. We're looking forward to the warmer weather for some nice walks in the sunshine - we especially love going out for strolls in the countryside, and though Phoenix is technically a herding breed, he doesn't like the look of sheep very much!

Jemma - Tia

I celebrate my pets because they are my best friend.
Tia is a 4 year old Golden Retriever who has been my best friend since she was 8 weeks old. Together we enjoy nothing more than going on walks and cuddling up on the sofa.
Tia never fails to make me smile and is always up to some mischief. Her favourite things are swimming in the local rivers, stealing socks and anything that squeeks.
Tia really isn’t just my dog but my very best friend who I couldn’t be without.  


Kelly - Paco and Ace

I celebrate my pets by spending quality time with them.
My boys, Paco who is 12 and Ace who is 4, love nothing more than spending time outdoors no matter what the weather.
Whilst I prefer the warmer, dryer days they are more than happy to run in boggy fields and the muddier the puddle the better!!
And if they get to share a picnic too then that’s an added bonus to their day J
Not just dogs…my best friends.  

Lauren - Druss 
I celebrate my pets because he is Druss the Legend!
Druss’s name originated from a novel called ‘Druss the Legend’ and he most definetly has legend status!  He might be in his 11th year but he’s still going strong and thinks he’s a puppy.
Druss has been my steady companion since he was 8 weeks old and I enjoy spending time doing everything with him.  We play, cuddle on the sofa, go for walks or play his favourite game of retrieve the socks (that he’s taken into the garden!).
Druss is more than a dog to me, he’s a friend, companion, playmate and comforting when I’m sad.  He simply is Druss the legend! 

Nikki - Rupert

I celebrate my pets by spending quality time with them.
My elderly Jack Russell Rupert is nearly 14 so life has slowed down considerably for him this past year.  He now loves to cuddle up on the sofa at home rather than go for long walks.  His favourite spot is curled up on my lap while I read or watch TV.
Rupert still enjoys going for an occasional walk but he very much sets the pace, making sure we don’t walk too fast!
I am at my happiest when I’m spending time with my dogs.  

Sam - Primrose

I celebrate my pets by giving them freedom and choices.
My rescue dog Primrose spent the best part of 3 years in kennels before I was lucky enough to rehome her. Now we are quickly approaching our 3rd anniversary together and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and trusting friend.
Prim’s favourite past-time is anything tennis ball related, and this has been the key to her recent introduction to clicker training, where we are both enjoying learning fun new tricks for her to show off!
I am at my happiest when I know that Primrose is happy and content.

Heather - Lola, Aoki and Maru

I celebrate my pets by allowing them to be individuals.
I live with my 6 year old mongrel Lola and my two cats Aoki and Maru. Everyday I celebrate how unique they each are as individuals and I try to allow them to be themselves. I believe animals all have their own personality with elements they are born with and other elements that develop through their life experiences.
I try to ensure they have positive experiences and mental stimulation each day. I allow them to be individuals and make their own choices and do not expect them to fit a mould designed by me.
I am at my happiest when we all cuddle up together in the evening.  


I celebrate my pet by loving him just the way he is!


      Eats his dinner then always plays with his toy, Steven the Squirrel, immediately.
      Rolls around on the rugs, especially after a bath, as we have laminate floors.
      Buries his treats. (in the sofa!)
      Barks at everything!
      Likes to sleep next to me.
     Gets his beard caught in his mouth.
     Tries to get next door’s cat, by jumping on the                                                                                     wall and going into their garden!
  I am at my happiest when Archie and I have cuddles on the sofa.  



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