Monday, 16 June 2008

Lets With Pets: Tell us about your rental experiences

Here at Dogs Trust we hear a lot of stories about the difficulties people face when trying to rent accommodation that will accept their pet (dogs or otherwise).

As part of our Lets With Pets campaign, we're trying to establish the scale of the problem, so we're looking for you to tell us about your past and present experiences.

Our survey should take no more than a couple of minutes, and it will provide us with extremely valuable information for our campaign. Please help us to help future pet owners who are struggling to find appropriate housing or even having to give up their pets because of housing restrictions.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

The questions in this survey need to be more wide-ranging. For instance, I have never had a problem having a dog in rented acomodation but I did have to take my dog to meet a prospective landlord to prove she was
good-natured and well-trained.

The size and breed of a dog is often a consideration, too.

Council and housing associations often have restrictions: no dogs in flats with communal entrance/garden/above the ground floor etc.

There are such variables that a survey like this is not really viable without taking the wider perspective into consideration because many many people with dogs do have real difficulty accessing suitable rented accomodation.

Unknown said...

I adore animals and use to have a dog ... sadly he died and I now have cats. If I was turned away because I had pets I would be devastated...and would look elsewhere as would NEVER give up my animals. I am soon to become a landlady and renting out my groundfloor flat. I have said yes to cats but no to dogs. This is simply because the flat doesn't have a garden. if I was approached by say an ederley person with an ederley dog who didnt require a garden, I would happily rent. For a young dog, it simply wouldnt be fair as they need fresh air etc. Lesley

Anonymous said...

good to see this survey. we have a nightmare renting with our 4 dogs even though we have been renting a long time and have agent referrences etc to prove our pack dont eat skirting boards or scratch doors! when we find a property to rent we pay twice the deposit which i think is fair and should encourage more landlords to rent to pet owners they have nothing to loose. often agents say they will accept our two smaller dogs but not the other two! what use is that i would rather live in a tent with all my dogs thank u very much! if dogs are well behaved and well trained and there is proof to that effect then landlords should be more accepting instead of automatically saying no pets allowed.