Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Microchipping: the Kennel Club urges the public to update their Petlog information

The UK Kennel Club's Petlog is the largest reunification scheme in the country, and it supports the details of 3.5 million pet owners, with 40,000 joining a month.

Having handled over 89,000 calls in 2007, the service is responsible for helping thousands of owners be reunited with their lost or stolen dogs. Unfortunately, some of these reunions are made far more difficult by the fact that pet owners move house and forget to update their details. Sometimes a dog changes hands and the new owners also fail to

It is vitally important that there is always a current, working telephone number at which you can be contacted on Petlog's database. It could be the difference between getting your dog back or having him processed as a stray by the Local Authority. When apparent strays are not claimed within the week, the LA has the choice of handing them on to a rehoming charity but some are ultimately humanely euthanised.

Microchipping can help prevent a lot of heartbreak and an unncessarily lengthy stay in the kennels for your dog. Since a microchip is embedded in the skin, it cannot fall or be taken off like the statutory collar and tag.

All dogs that pass through Dogs Trust's care are microchipped. It costs around £20-30 at a vets, but some of our Rehoming Centres offer the service at a reduced price. Just give your local centre a call to find out more.

If you've moved home recently and haven't yet updated your microchip details, you can update your records online. To record a Change of Ownership, just call Petlog on 0870 606 6751 for assistance.

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