Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Puppy mill raid update: how the rescue happened

You might remember that I wrote about a massive puppy mill raid that took place in Tennessee a few weeks ago with the help of the ASPCA. Many people asked about how the rescue took place and what's happening to the animals.

One of the ASPCA's rescue workers kept a diary of the first crucial days of the operation, and this is online for all to read. I think you'll find it very touching, quite sad reading, as the condition the dogs were found in was quite horrifying. Thankfully, for many of them a happy ending is in sight.

I look forward towards a day when rescue missions like this one are no longer necessary, but as long as they are I'm glad there are organisations across the world that will step in to help. It is with the backing of donors and supporters like the people reading this blog that it's even possible and for that we all thank you.

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