Monday, 14 July 2008

Update: Glasgow pups needing foster mum are getting 'massive'

Angelina and her pups have been all over the national and local press in their quest for assistance from a nursing dog. So far, Dogs Trust Glasgow has had to turn down some offers from owners of dogs in England who would have to travel too far in a delicate condition and from owners of toy breeds who might not be able to accommodate the twelve Lurcher cross pups who have grown 'massive' under the care of the centre staff.

Some good news is that thanks to the publicity, Angelina has got a forever home lined up and the centre has been receiving quite a bit of interest in the pups, meaning that thirteen abandoned dogs will be given a chance for a happy, healthy life with a loving family as soon as they're ready for it.

Help is still needed as feeds continue through the night and our dedicated humans aren't a complete substitute for a doggy mum. Leads are being followed, but anyone able to help should still contact the centre on 0141 773 5130.

I'll keep your posted on their progress.

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