Monday, 4 August 2008

Dog Friendly Event: The Innocent Village Fete

While the Wag & Bone Show was happening in Windsor Great Park this weekend, there was also another event going on which was definitely suitable for dog-lovers. The second annual Innocent Village Fete (run by the folk who make the smoothies) got underway on Saturday.

Sadly I was thoroughly drenched by the time I made it there on Sunday but there was still plenty of only slightly damp fun to be had. Aside from plenty of gorgeous food, free smoothie samples, a farmer's market, disco and hoedown tents, live musical acts, eco-friendly product stands and ferret racing, there was also a village green which became a dog agility course three times a day.

While walking around I saw two gorgeous Golden Labs, a poodle, a Bichon Frise and a clutch of crossbreeds, confirming my suspicion that the all-day event was a brilliant destination for dog owners. Plenty of wide open green space and the chance to enter the agility meant that there was plenty for a well-behaved pooch to do.

While it did get crowded and busy at times, which owners of nervous dogs should take into account, the staff were friendly and approachable and likely to give good advice about the best times to attend with your dog.

Oh, and I've put up a photo of a ferret because even though we are Dogs Trust I thought it might be nice to give another pet the spotlight, if only for one post! You can see more photos from the event on Innocent's Flickr stream.

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