Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hobo the Northampton stray gets help from former Dogs Trust team member

From time to time, sadly, people do leave Dogs Trust and we like to try and keep in touch with them to find out what they're up to. When we read the recent stories about Hobo*, the badly starved dog who was found near death in Northampton, we didn't at first realise that one person heading a collection for Hobo was a former Dogs Trust employee.

The University of Northampton's Press and PR Officer, Claire Bicknell, roused her colleagues to collect food, toys and blankets for Hobo, who is currently being treated by the PDSA in preparation for rehoming. She explained:

"Hobo's story really upset me - the photographs of him were very distressing. I used to work for a dog welfare charity and he is one of the worst cases of cruelty I have ever seen. As the PDSA is a charity, I knew they would be looking for donations so I wanted to do something to help them.''

Having got to meet the dog himself, she was delighted to report that:

''He's looking really well and has put on about 3.5kg. I wish I could rehome him myself but it wouldn’t be fair with me out at work all day. I hope he gets a lovely new home.''
Well done, Claire! It's great to know that you're carrying on the good work in your spare time and we hope Hobo finds a forever home soon.

*Please note that the linked BBC article contains distressing images of animal abuse.

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